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We each have our own individual goals, targets, and aspirations for fitness & health. How do we reach those goals, and how do we maintain them with the rigors of everyday life?  How do we set realistic goals that are attainable in a busy 24-hour day?

The Coaches at K3CrossFit will help you along the way. Members at our “Box” are not just $$$ signs like they are at “The Big Gym down the street”.  You’re a part of the family, we take interest in you, and what motivates you.

As a K3CrossFit member, you have access to:

  • Knowledgeable coaches
  • Workouts programmed and ready to go
  • Accountability + Camaraderie from our members

We can also provide  the 1-on-1 support tools you reach your personal goals. All we ask is that you invest your time & effort. “There is no substitute for Hard Work”. We can provide help with goal setting, nutrition ideas, motivational assistance, and guidance along the way. Each of our coaches has their own specialty and expertise, and we love sharing the information that we’ve learned along the way to help the collective group achieve what they have set out to accomplish. Get your “Everything you need to know to get the best results” packet today when you sign up as a member of the K3 CrossFit community.CrossFit-Journal


Join K3CrossFit today and get the reassurance that you’re getting the best training experience in the Kankakee County


K3CrossFit serving the Kankakee Crossfit area, Bourbonnais CrossFit area, Bradley CrossFit area, and Manteno CrossFit area. K3 CrossFit serves the Kankakee County area.

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