Bracing and Spinal Stability 101

Fact: Human Performance generates from Core to Extremity.

The concepts of a neutral and braced spine is a the center of every human movement. Whether it be a squat, pull-up, run, row, or farmer carry – A spinal fault will result in a chain reaction of faults radiating outward through the hips, shoulder girdle…to arms, elbows, knees, wrist, and ankles.

Address the epicenter of our power first. Organizing the trunk is numero uno (and don’t forget to have the right stance and grip) – We are now prepared to execute a functional movement. As you’ll see in both these videos and the set-up page – If we initiate the movement with a flexed or extended position – we have compromised a) performance b) initiated an open circuit fault.

Open circuit faults account for 98% of all injuries. It’s the hundreds and thousands of repetitions in an open circuit fault that lead to injury, fatigue, and plateaus. Get Yo’ stuff organized ASAP 🙂

More videos to come here. These are just intros.

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