Thursday March 22nd, 2018
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Thursday March 22nd, 2018

Don’t forget at 5pm Thursday night you will have the opportunity to vote for 1 of 3 workouts Dave Castro will release.  Good Luck and vote wisely!!

Warm up-

3 Min Row/bike/jog/ski/jump rope

10/side Lying Dynamic Hamstring Stretch

10 Rollover V-Sits

10 Lying Leg Crossovers

10 Lateral Lunges

10  Calf Stretch/Side


3 Rounds (each, rest 1:2)

Teams of 3

500m Row

30/20 Cal AB

300m Ski

*Partner A sprint through, then Partner B, Then C. Repeat 3x

Post WOD-

3 Rounds

50 Flutter Kicks

50 Russian Twist

:30 Plank

:30 Bar Hang

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