Thursday January 18th, 2018
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Thursday January 18th, 2018

Warm up-

2 Rounds

20 Jumping Jacks

20 Clap Jacks

10 Band Pull Aparts

10 Push Ups

:30 Plank


Bench Press



In teams of 2:

20 Min AMRAP

12/10 Cal Row

5 DB Snatches Right 50/35

Single right arm OH Lunge 25ft

5 DB Snatches Left

Single left arm OH Lunge 25ft

*You go, I go

Sprint Efforts

Post WOD-


Russian Twist

immediately into;

Flutter Kicks for 4 Rounds

immediately into;

Sit ups for 4 Rounds

immediately into;

50 Reverse Sit ups



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