Tuesday April 4th, 2017
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Tuesday April 4th, 2017

Warm up- (12 Mins)

1.) Row, Bike, Jog or Jump rope for 3 Mins

2.) Shoulder Prep (Led by Coach)



20 Band Pull aparts

15 Ring Rows

15 Box or bench dips

10 Kips on bar


Push Press + Strict Pull ups

Build up to your first working set for Push Press, first set should be challenging but allow to you increase weight slightly over the course of the first 3-4 sets


Every 2:30  for 6 sets

3 Push Press + 5 Strict Pull-ups

*Scale up by adding weight to your strict pull ups

*Scale down pull ups by using a band that allows you to do 5 strict pull ups Unbroken


In teams of 2:

4 Rounds Each for Time:

10 Push Jerks 165/ 110

250m Row

*Sprint Efforts

Post WOD-

1.) 10×1 HS Kick ups on Wall (Scale up to free Standing or no wall contact)

2.) EMOM x 5

30 sec HS hold on Wall




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