Monday December 26th, 2016
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Monday December 26th, 2016

Warm up-


500m Row/35 AD Cals



Cals Rowings

*Split class into two teams, each team getting 2 rowers. Every Member must row at least 20 cals.

*Keep track of total cals for class winner as well as winners of the day.

*Teams must be divided as evenly as possible


6 sets every 2:30

1x Squat Clean + 1x FS + 1 Jerk

*Start @ 65-70% of 1rm C+J


For Time:

100 DU’s

10 MU’s

75 PP 75/55

10 MU’s

100 DU’s

*Sub 10 C2B + 10 Dips for MU’s

Post WOD-

4 Rounds

25 Ab-mat sit ups

5 DragonFly’s

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