Thursday November 10th, 2016
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Thursday November 10th, 2016

Active Recovery/Gymnastic Day

Warm up-

Tabata Row/AD

Tabata “A” KB SWings


Spend 20 Mins working on a Gymnastic Movement

3×5 Strict Pull ups

3×5 Kipping Pull ups

3×5 Dips

Work on:


Rope Climbs

Bar/Ring MU’s

HS Walks


Ring Rows

Peg Board Climbs

Butterfly PU’s


Box Jumps



For Time:

50 Wall Ball Air Squats 20/14

25 Wall Ball facing Burpees

40 WB AS

20 WB Burpees

30 WB AS

15 WB Burpees

20 WB AS

10 WB Burpees

10 WB AS

5 WB Burpees

*Use the WB like a Barbell, Face the Wall ball, Burpee, then hop over Ball

Post WOD-

100x Hollow Rocks


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