Thursday June 9th, 2016
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Thursday June 9th, 2016

Warm up-

Down + Back

Butt kickers


Lateral Lunges

High Knees

Lateral High knees

Inch Worm

Bear Crawl down/Crab walk back


In teams of 2 complete:

100 Cal row (switch every 25 cals)

800m Run with KB (53/35) – 1/2 Way Partners Perform 100 KB swings

100 Cal Row(switch every 25 cals)


10 Min EMOTM

Min 1- 2 legless rope climbs or 3 rope climbs

Min 2- 5 MU(Bar or Ring)

*5 sets each

Post Wod-

3×10 Bicep Curls

21’s with BB(add weight if possible)

3×10 Skull Crushers

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