Thursday May 26, 2016
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Thursday May 26, 2016

Warm up-
500m Run/Row
2 Rounds
10x Dumbell thrusters
10x Ring Rows
10x Med Ball Cleans

a)  Pistols- Work on pistols for 5:00
b)  5:00 to work on Overhead Squats- 3×10
c)  5:00 to establish a Heavy Thruster
d)  2x :30/:30 of Thrusters (135/95)Rx+ (115/80) Rx
– Shoot for 1-2 unbroken sets

-Partner WOD-
For Time (25 min cap):

Wall Balls (20/14)


KB swings (53/35)

Ab-mat sit ups


Cal Row

* Partner 1 starts with 21 Wall Balls, Partner 2 starts with 21 Burpees. Once both partners are finished, Partners switch movements. P1 does 21 Burpees, P2 does 21 Wall Balls, then both switch and move into round of 15’s, and so on..

Post Wod-

4×12 Watiers lunges

Down and Back plate carries(working on grip)

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