Monday February 8th, 2016
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Monday February 8th, 2016


Warm up:

400m row

Lunge down and back (alternating legs)

10x deep squat tuck jumps

10x hollow body rocks

1-min plank


Back Squat

7×2 @85-90% of 1RM


24 Min EMOM

Min 1-10KB swings(32/53)

Min 2-10 Thrusters(65/95)

Min 3- Airdyne (45-Seconds)


*Airdyne is not rest…..Push it!!

Post WOD:

6 Min EMOM:

1 Jumping transition + 2 kipping

Dips + 1 SLOW descend back to hang postion

8×3 Back Fly with band

3x :30 Hollow/Arch Rocks

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